The objectives are:

(a) To encourage the study of the history of Australia and of the Bathurst District.

(b) To promote the compilation of authentic historical records.

(c) To acquire and preserve for the Society, books, manuscripts, newspapers, records, coins, stamps, prints, pictures, lantern slides, costumes, relics and all such objects and materials or authentic copies as may be considered to have a bearing on Australian history or the history of the Bathurst district.

(d) To use its influence to secure the preservation of places of historic interest, such as houses, buildings, etc., cemeteries.

(e) To foster the interchange of information among members of the Society by lectures, readings, discussions, and exhibitions of historical interest or value.

(f) To print, publish and circulare such journals, periodicals, books and other literary productions and undertakings as may seem conductive to any objects of the Society.

(g) To establish branches wherever and whenever it may deem advisable.

(h) To affiliate or co-operate with other societies and institutions having object or objects similar to those of the Society.