Annual Membership Subscription (due July 1st)

Membership Fees

Individual $50.00 Note this includes once only $25 joining fee + $25 annual fee

Family $64.00 Note this includes once only $25 joining fee + $39 annual fee

Joining Fee $25.00 (once only charge)

Membership and Advantages:

Receive the Society's quarterly informative and thought-provoking newsletters to keep members up to date with events, free of charge to Society members.
Entry to the Museum and Old Government Cottage by Society members, free of charge.
Interesting and enjoyable trips and outings, including trips to historic sites.
Access to the Society's Research Rooms with its extensive range of material to do your own research, free of charge.
Networking with other people who are researching or can provide information.
Monthly musters with interesting speakers.
Opportunity to learn about the history of Bathurst.
Friendship and socialising with a group of like-minded people who are fascinated, concerned and passionate about Bathurst and district's history and heritage.
Invitations to book launches and special functions.
Invitations to similar events elsewhere in town that have an historical links or basis.
Opportunity to attend the bi-annual Theo Barker Memorial Lecture.
Able to purchase local history books, postcards, photos, etc from the Society's shop.
Periodic discounted book offers.
Assisting to promote a wonderful town.
Annual Christmas Party invitation.
Conserving history and retelling and keeping alive the stories of early Bathurstians.
Opportunity to participate as a volunteer in the Society's many community services, for example serving as a museum attendant or as a researcher answering local and family history queries.
Making use of one's life's skills and experience and feeling useful.
Corporate members also are always welcome!

Some comments from members and volunteers:

"As a volunteer I enjoy the activity as it is very rewarding and makes me feel useful amongst wonderful people."

"A great place to take visitors for local advice about Bathurst and see a wonderful collection."

"We are finding the talks at the Monthly Musters interesting, as a newcomer to Bathurst we have learnt so much about the area and its incredible history."

"On becoming a member of the Front Desk team have met people from all walks of live with links to Bathurst which in turn makes for reading up on events and people thus increasing knowledge and keeping the grey matter active."

"We have formed great friendships."

"I feel part of a very lively team."

"I enjoy being part of a community that is interested in the history and heritage of Bathurst."

"History - it is a pleasant occupation and you meet new people."